Order photos

Most photographs are available for download directly from BALaT. If the photograph is not available or the resolution is too low, you can order it as follows:

We will send you a price quote as soon as we've received your order.

Delivery method:

An email with a download link.

Delivery time:

We will send the images within two weeks of receipt of payment. All orders must be paid in advance.


Scan of analogue black-and-white image (JPG/TIFF, min. 300 DPI) €25,00
Scan of analogue colour image (JPG/TIFF, min. 300 DPI) €25,00
Scan of x-ray image (per running m or per 4 films) €35,00
Original digital colour image (JPG/TIFF) €25,00


Special orders

For special orders, such as lab images, customised enlargements, detail images or faster delivery, you must request a price quote.
Please contact us on + 32 (0)2 739 67 79 or at shop@kikirpa.be.


The use of the photographs for private purposes or for publication is subject to the general conditions. You must request the reproduction right for all forms of publications.

This request for reproduction right relates to KIK-IRPA's copyright on the photos. Some artworks are also protected by copyright themselves. In that case, when publishing the photos, you must request the reproduction right from the owner or the manager of the reproduction rights. In most cases this will be SABAM (the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers). If this information is known to us, you will see this in the database instead of the photograph (e.g. © SABAM Belgium).

How do we work?

From photo negative to digital file

The photographs we provide are always of the highest quality possible. Original digital images will be sent in the highest resolution. For analogue images, the original negatives are digitised in high resolution and from edge to edge. Results may differ from the image seen in BALaT. To retain as much nuance as possible in the greyscale images, we digitise them with less contrast than before. You can easily adjust the contrast yourself.

Image B157327 before high-resolution digitisation

Image B157327 after high-resolution digitisation (from edge to edge)

Photo negative numbers explained

The first letters of the negative number provide information about the original photo negative. B123456, for example, is an 18 x 24 cm black-and-white film or glass plate. These measurements will impact the quality and size of the image's digital version. The general rule is: the larger the original photo negative, the better the quality of the digital image.

Overview of first letters of the photo negative number

A 13 x 18 cm Black-and-white
B 18 x 24 cm Black-and-white
C 24 x 30 cm Black-and-white
D 30 x 40 cm Black-and-white
E 9 x 12 cm Black-and-white
F 40 x 40 cm Black-and-white
M 4.5 x 6 cm Black-and-white
N 10.5 x 12.7 cm (= 4 x 5 inch) Black-and-white
T 24 x 36 mm Black-and-white
Di 24 x 36 mm Colour
G 6 x 7 cm Colour
KM 4.5 x 6 cm Colour
KN 10.5 x 12.7 cm (= 4 x 5 inch) Colour
KT 24 x 36 mm Colour
X/Y/Z Original digital image Colour